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Ohio Bulldog Owner Digs Snow Maze for Dog [VIDEO]


An Ohio dog owner turned a backyard covered in snow into a fun place for the family bulldog to play.

It has been a long, tough, and cold winter for people living in the Northeast and Midwest. Brutal cold and high snow totals have combined to make people want to spend as little time outside as possible. People aren’t the only ones who are feeling the rough winter weather. At least we have the luxury of using the bathroom indoors.

The same can’t be said for dogs. They still need to get outdoors every day for exercise and to answer nature’s call. However, deep snow and cold temperatures don’t always make that fun. Especially for dogs with short legs like a bulldog.

Luckily for the bulldog in this video, an entire snow maze was dug by the canine’s owner so the bulldog could have an easier time outside…and a lot more fun. The bulldog looks like it is having the time of its life out there. One of the owners hides at one end of the maze and it doesn’t take long for the dog to find them.


Looks like a great way to get some wintertime exercise and have fun with the family bulldog!

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Ohio Bulldog Owner Digs Snow Maze for Dog [VIDEO]