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Ohio Anglers Better Be Going Saugeye Fishing


Saugeye fishing opportunities are fruitful across much of Ohio. Find out how and where to catch them. 

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife has increased saugeye fishing opportunities by stocking its waters with the hybrid species.

Made from walleye and sauger, these fish are changing the map of Ohio as many anglers are going saugeye fishing.

These fish are known to be strong, fast-growing, and hungry and they can be found in rivers from the Ohio to the Muskingum or lakes from Charles Mill to Salt Fork. Now is the opportune time to go saugeye fishing as they are very active in the winter, swimming upstream until they reach a dam.

The best technique for catching saugeys involves casting jigs upstream and letting the flies sink to the bottom then slowly retrieving. As saugeyes are nocturnal, anglers have had success fishing in the early morning hours. Rains seem to bring more saugeye fishing opportunities, as large amounts of water stimulate the fish, resulting in large movements. As far as baits, minnows and worms have proven effective in attracting the saugeyes with their movements.

Saugeye fishing spots are abundant in the Buckeye State ranging from dams to lakes to rivers. The better dam spots are Charles Mill Lake in Mansfield and Pleasant Hill Lake in Perrysville. Notable lakes include Deer Creek, Delaware, Alum Creek and O’Shaughnessy. The Muskingum and Ohio rivers have also proven to be great spots for saugeye fishing.


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Ohio Anglers Better Be Going Saugeye Fishing