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Oh, It’s Just Someone’s Pet Fennec Fox Going Berserk [VIDEO]

Half dog, half cat, all-out. A Fennec fox probably doesn’t make the best pet.

If you care about your furniture, walls, carpet, and sanity, a Fennec fox wouldn’t be the wisest animal to invite into your home.

He would make a cup of coffee nervous.

Native to Africa, Fennecs average 2-4 pounds. They are thought to be the same genus (Vulpes) as our own red foxes.

Fennecs are fascinating creatures. As one may immediately notice, they are obviously adapted to living in extreme heat. The large ears serve two functions: heat dissipation and highly acute hearing. They are the largest ears of all foxes, and can hear small prey moving underground.

As pets, Fennec foxes require lots of time. They can be trained to use litter boxes, eat the same diet as a cat, and usually get noisy and active at night, when it’s best to keep them locked up. They are curious, friendly, and expensive ($2,000). Some states do not allow them as pets.

No matter your home state, it’s probably best if you do not buy one.

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Oh, It’s Just Someone’s Pet Fennec Fox Going Berserk [VIDEO]