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Officials Relocate Wild Crocodile from Ugandan Village [VIDEO]

A wildlife team from Murchison Falls in northwest Uganda captured and relocated a wild crocodile that frequently terrorized a local village.

Capturing and relocating enormous, ancient crocodiles away from communities is a necessary feat in Uganda.

Watch the wildlife team in action.

These predators are at the top of the food chain and Murchison Park offers a natural, fenced-in sanctuary. They were here long before humans, and our influence has steadily decreased their population numbers.

It should be our job to educate ourselves and pass on an awareness of our ecosystems, instead of simply condemning these animals to death. The border between human dwellings and wild animal habitats is growing smaller and smaller. This increases encounters and dangers for both us and the crocodiles.

It’s time to look for alternatives like the one these Ugandan officials found; to relocate wild crocodiles instead of killing them.

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Officials Relocate Wild Crocodile from Ugandan Village [VIDEO]