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Officials Catch Nile Crocodile in Florida Everglades

A two-year search finally turns up a Nile crocodile in Florida Everglades.

Thanks to the diligence of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, a Nile crocodile in the Everglades has ended 24 months of suspense and danger by finally getting itself captured.

After a final three-hour standoff, a team from the University of Florida, wildlife officials and the Swamp Apes (a snake and reptile eradication crew that noticed the croc and called it in), used nets to corner the crocodile in a canal and finally shot it with a tranquilizer.

A commission spokesperson said the reptile was 37 pounds and five and a half feet long. DNA tests are being done to learn as much as possible about where it may have come from.

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The Miami Herald reported last week that the croc, known to be up to three feet larger and more dangerous than the native Florida crocodile, had eluded wildlife officials for two years, presumably after escaping a Miami-Dade facility with two other specimens. Each of the other escapees were captured in 2009 and 2012.

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Nile crocodiles are known to grow up to 17 feet, around three feet longer and rounding up to around three times heavier than a typical Florida crocodile. Nile crocs are responsible for hundreds of attacks on humans and livestock in Africa every year.

Fox News reported the crocodile will reside at Everglades Alligator farm in Homestead, Florida until wildlife officials determine its fate.

Have you ever seen an exotic species in your area, something you knew just didn’t belong? How do you thin kit got there? Leave your thoughts below.

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Officials Catch Nile Crocodile in Florida Everglades