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See How This Young Woman Lives 180 Miles off the Grid in Finland

Check out these awesome photos of a young Finnish woman who has chosen to live off the grid.

Tinja has not only been living off the grid since 2008, she’s been living way off the grid. The nearest town is 180 miles away. What’s she doing way out there? Running a husky/horse farm of course.

off the grid3 wos

Photographer Brice Portolano recently spent some time with Tinja and captured some beautiful images of her off the grid lifestyle. These photos might give you an idea why anyone would want to live this way.

off the grid wos

She’s not alone though. Her partner Alex, 85 huskies, and a few horses are all there to keep her company. Living off the grid is tough anywhere, but living on your own in northern Finland is extra tough.

off the grid1 wos

Tinja heats her home and cooks with a woodstove, lights the place with candles, and collects water from a nearby river (after breaking through the ice daily in the winter.)

off the grid2 wos

When asked about her reasons for living so far from civilization, Tinja said, “It’s about my own love of nature and living out here in the wild. I don’t want material things. Nature provides all I need.”

off the grid4 wos

As outdoorsmen and women, we always like to think of ourselves as being capable survivalists, but could you really live this way?

off the grid5 wos

It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, or for those who require creature comforts.

off the grid6 wos

But the return is an amazing gift: a wide open sky and the pleasure of knowing you are living your own way.

off the grid7 wos

A feeling of self-fulfillment is all anyone ever really needs.

off the grid8 wos

So are you ready to leave the world behind like Tinja did?


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See How This Young Woman Lives 180 Miles off the Grid in Finland