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Off Road: The Swiss Army Knife of Camping Trailers

off road camping trailer
Conqueror Off-Road Campers

South African's "Mega Manufacturers" got it right with this off-road, all-in one camping trailer designed with serious off road and luxury in mind.

With a great deal of experience in trailer design, spent mostly in the military industry, Mega Manufacturers has gone above and beyond with this camping trailer design.

Conqueror Off-Road Trailers. The name of my soon to be new camping trailer.

These trailers are near indestructible and claim it will take you anywhere your 4x4 can take it. The features are endless too as every door opens up to anything from a stove to a sink to grocery storage compartments or even pull out an entire dining room with its rip free canvas tent.

The video below shows just how this camping trailer works and how indestructible they truly are.

According to their website you can choose between two double beds, a double bed and a single bed, or three single beds. The kitchen comes equipped with an 80 Liter refrigerator/freezer combo, hot and cold water available on demand and a range top for cooking.

Don't worry about having to use the woods to relieve yourself it includes a wash basin with hot and cold water and a bathroom inside and outside.

camping trailer

All facilities in the caravan, (i.e. kitchen, bathroom, fridge, cooking utensils, stove, bar and storage compartments) access from outside of the caravan for real outdoor living. In adverse conditions most of these facilities can be accessed from inside of the caravan as well.


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Off Road: The Swiss Army Knife of Camping Trailers