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These Off! Advertisements Will Have You Laughing for Days

When we think of bug repellent we don’t usually think of humor, but these Off! advertisements will change that.

Normally there is nothing funny about bug repellent. You may be miserable wishing you had it or glad that you do, but before these Off! advertisements, it probably never made you laugh.

In this series of ads, they focused on things that turn mosquitoes Off! starting with this fisherman.

OFF! Advertisements

And it turns out that not just those of you looking to wet a line are capable of turning mosquitoes Off! The hunters are just as likely to accomplish the job.

OFF! Advertisements

Last, but certainly not least is the hiker and camper. For some unknown reason, this is my personal favorite.

OFF! Advertisements

I don’t know about you, but this is a campaign that I would love to see go viral on social media.

Can’t you just imagine all of your hunting and fishing buddies showing off their photos of how to #turnmosquitoesoff! Send us your best ones, we would love to see them, too.

All images courtesy of Off! 

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These Off! Advertisements Will Have You Laughing for Days