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Oregon Rings in the New Year with Free Fishing & Crabbing on the 31st and 1st!

Author (Photo by Jacob Mikoleit)

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is ringing in the New Year with Free Fishing and Crabbing Opportunities

One of the biggest hassles for Oregon anglers surrounding the transition into the new year is getting a new fishing license, but not this year. No licenses, tags, or endorsements are required for crabbers and anglers on December 31st 2016 and January 1st 2017. There are also no requirements for being an Oregon resident. As part of several additional free fishing day opportunities added by the Oregon State Legislature in 2015, their goal is to introduce new anglers to the sport. With recreational crabbing reopening along the Oregon Coast, the timing couldn't be better.

Photo by Author

Clamming, crabbing, winter steelhead, sturgeon, and low elevation trout lakes present new anglers with several options for becoming acquainted with the many outdoor recreational opportunities that are available in the state. To learn more about recreational fishing and crabbing opportunities in Oregon, visit the ODFW website's recreation report.

Make your first kiss of the year with a fish, and make it a new years resolution to introduce a new angler to fishing!

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Oregon Rings in the New Year with Free Fishing & Crabbing on the 31st and 1st!