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Oddly Satisfying Pistol GIF Shows You How a Gun Works


This strangely captivating GIF shows you how the guts of a pistol interact when firing a shot. You are welcome.

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Gun enthusiast, professional competition shooter, young child, or an anti-gun activist… I don’t care who you are, this GIF is oddly fascinating and will leave you watching it numerous times.

Guns are not toys; they are very intricate and fine tuned machines. This video is very simple, but complex, as it shows what’s going on inside a pistol from the time the bullet is locked into the firing position all the way until it’s shucked out. And then on repeat.

I encourage you to watch it a few times and focus on a different component every time. It is quite intriguing to see how they all work together to produce the end result.

No matter how many times you have fired a gun or how much you know about how they work, I can guarantee this little video fascinates you.

And for the people who have no idea of how a gun fires from a mechanical standpoint, this is a great example and learning experience.

Are guns cool or what?

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Oddly Satisfying Pistol GIF Shows You How a Gun Works