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Odd Buck Shot in New York May Be a Hermaphrodite

Photo via New York Upstate

A New York deer hunter downed a nice buck, make that a doe… okay, wait a minute.

When Brandon Macera leveled his rifle at a nice… well, antlered deer he couldn’t have known that harvesting the whitetail would raise so many questions, but could it possibly have been a living hermaphrodite?

Macera said:

“He/she has 13 scorable points, including a 4-inch drop tine on the left side. A majority of the rack has velvet attached. I’ve been told this is a 1 in 10,000 genetic deformity and that most New York hunters will never encounter a deer like this.”

Here’s another look:

New York
New York Upstate

Even Macera’s meat processor Ed Tanguay was amazed, saying, “It’s a freak of nature. It was an odd-looking rack on this deer. I’ve never seen anything like it”

While the Cazenovia, NY hunter might have been talked into letting biologists look closer at the one-in-a-million deer, he had other plans:

“I said no, it’s a trophy. The size, the number of points. I made the decision to have it mounted”

DNR wildlife specialist at Cornell University Paul Curtis was less optimistic that the buck was an actual hermaphrodite. He said he’s looked at hundreds of deer over many years and has seen lots of odd things, just never a true hermaphrodite.

The deer had a small penis and really no female ‘parts’ to speak of. Curtis said that “it could have injured itself” or possibly it didn’t get the second surge of testosterone around late summer that causes most bucks to lose their velvet.

It’s also what helps the antlers to harden.

In any event, the Central NY hunter has a trophy to be proud of, and with a 100-yard shot to boot! Any time you can get your deer and a story like this, you’ve got your 15 minutes of fame. For one hunter from Cazenovia with the initials BM it looks like he’ll be the toast of the town for quite some time.

The only problem is he may be the one buying!


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Odd Buck Shot in New York May Be a Hermaphrodite