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Odd Animal Friendships Are Always the Cutest [VIDEO]

When two animals just don’t look like they belong together, but still have a playful friendship, it is always the cutest. 

Meet Pippin and Kate, an odd couple. Kate is a great dane who adopted an orphaned baby fawn, named Pippin.

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To see them play is definitely adorable.


When Kate and Pippin play, it isn’t how deer play, it isn’t how dogs play; what these animals have is a very unique friendship.

They bring something out of the other that is unlike what any other animal can evoke. It is true love.

To watch Pippin bound around Kate, the gentle giant, is very sweet. When they rest together, it is even sweeter.

Odd animal friendships are the greatest.

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Odd Animal Friendships Are Always the Cutest [VIDEO]