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This Octopus is So Done with This Shark [VIDEO]

Watch this octopus turn the tables on a predatory shark and eat it for lunch.

When it’s octopus versus shark there can only be one outcome right?

Well, think again!

This octopus has had quite enough of watching its brethren become dinner for this shark and his friends. Watch how one eight-legged bandit pulls the old switcheroo.

Even though the dogfish shark depicted in this video is mainly a scavenging species, it’s still a shark.

Any time an octopus can catch and eat a fish that has a reputation for eating every other fish, it shows how awesome and brutal nature can really be.

The makers of the video said that they were wondering why they kept finding shark carcasses in the bottom of the study tank. Well, wonder no more.


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This Octopus is So Done with This Shark [VIDEO]