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Octopus Carries its Coconut Home to its Next Address. [VIDEO]

Who knew that an octopus could walk and carry its home with it like a hiker who carries her tent with her to the next campsite?

This is amazing. Scientists have found that certain octopus species are able to salvage sunken coconut shells to use as portable shelters AND carry the shells with them to a new location.

The octopi are actually able to carry the shells while walking – yes, walking, not swimming – across the ocean floor to their next address. Once at their new location they will reassemble the coconut if there are two halves, and curl up inside to be safe from predators.

This behavior has been labeled “stilt walking” and is one of the more complex octopus activities discovered.

The octopus in this film appears to have figured out that it can also use its mobile home as a vehicle of sorts. It closes the two halves of the coconut around itself and uses the round vessel to roll itself down an incline. Incredible!

We’ll be sure to let you know when scientists discover that an octopus can furnish their coconut homes with small television sets and lounge chairs.

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Octopus Carries its Coconut Home to its Next Address. [VIDEO]