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Octopus Battles Stingray in Epic Undersea Brawl [VIDEO]

Don’t take a meal from a hungry octopus.

If you do, expect a fight.

In the clip below, a banjo ray steals some food from an underwater baited trap, while a large octopus lurks nearby. The ray is either totally oblivious to the large octopus, or it’s pulling a play out of the honey badger’s playbook and just doesn’t give a darn. Either way, the octopus isn’t having any of it. Within seconds, the octopus lays down its signature eight-tentacle chokehold on the ray.

The fight really starts to escalate about a minute into the clip.

Notice all the small fish gathered around the brawl, as if they’re taking bets on the fight.

I got 50 anchovies on the octopus.

NSW Fisheries, a department of the Australian government, uploaded the video to their Youtube page earlier this week. Apparently, there’s a part two coming soon, which shows the epic conclusion to the octopus fight.

Speaking of octopus, they might be weirdest creatures in the ocean. Just watch the video below, and you’ll see why.

Some species of octopus can even change the texture of their skin to match their surroundings. Octopuses are also super intelligent, and they can even walk on land – no joke.

Have you ever caught an octopus? 

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Octopus Battles Stingray in Epic Undersea Brawl [VIDEO]