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Adidas is Recycling Harmful Ocean Plastic into Shoes, and They're Awesome

Ocean plastic pollution is a big problem. Adidas, together with Parley, is turning it into something good.

This year, Adidas and Parley worked together to create an innovative eco-friendly shoe made of plastic waste from the ocean. Here is the press release in which they first announced this revolutionary product, and here's where you can "sign up for the future" to get updates on the 1 million pairs they are planning to release in 2017.

Adidas / Parley
Adidas / Parley

We are huge fans of creative conservation efforts like these and will keep an eye out for more information as it comes out.

If you have ever researched the problem of ocean plastic pollution you have probably seen the images of floating reefs of trash like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The problem is so big that agencies like NOAA actually track their progress and have these areas named.

Adidas and Parley are doing something about the problem by recycling plastic dumped into the ocean and turning it into shoes.

Noaa, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, ocean plastic pollution, recycled plastics

The following video states some facts about ocean plastics pollution. One truck of plastic ends up in our oceans every minute. It is killing sea life and damaging our waters.

This is a small step to remove plastics from the ocean.

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Adidas is Recycling Harmful Ocean Plastic into Shoes, and They're Awesome