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Oblivious Buck Doesn’t Realize There’s an Arrow in His Side

This whitetail buck appears unfazed with an arrow sticking out of its side. 

This video isn’t certainly the most pleasing to the eye, but it is very bizarre that this deer is merely unfazed by an arrow in its side as opposed to

The shot placement doesn’t seem terrible either, potentially the arrow didn’t have enough penetration to truly inflict immediate damage like it should have?


Warning: This video contains graphic material.

Before everyone starts to blow their whistles, there are two things to consider after watching this video.

First, deer expire after being shot in different ways. We’ve all heard about some crazy deer behaviors, and this video falls under that category.

Second, this video has educational value. If a hunter has a chance to ethically put another shot on a deer, they should. The shot appears to be fatal, but it appears another arrow should’ve have been released. The hunters were likely shocked of the deer’s behavior.

The video was originally posted on Facebook forum, but was eventually taken down due to the graphic nature of the shot.



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Oblivious Buck Doesn’t Realize There’s an Arrow in His Side