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Is Obama's Supreme Court Nominee an Anti-Gun Politician?

Obama nominates a seemingly anti-gun Supreme Court Judge.

President Obama has nominated Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's successor, and it may not be a welcomed appointment for gun owners across the country.

The coveted seat will be sought after by both political parties as the seat that could tip the balance in either party's favor. The people could be affected, special interests aside, as many citizens are concerned that the court has become polarized and could lead the nation in an unpopular way.

Speculations aside, the new Supreme Court Nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, is the lead justice in the D.C. Circuit Court. While not necessarily an outright anti-gunner, Garland has made decisions that seem to lean in that direction.

He voted for another review of the Heller Decision, which was unsuccessful in 2007. Garland also ruled in the case of NRA vs Reno (2010), that temporarily holding purchaser information was Constitutional. The Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 explicitly forbids any collection of data by any federal system when it's signed. Yet Garland allowed the ruling.

Judge Garland's lack of presiding over major weapons-related cases can be stifling and counter productive to the works of Justice Scalia. Some people fear Judge Garland will again attempt to dismantle the Heller Decision.

The NRA was lightning quick to denounce the nomination. With the NRA-ILA having done their due diligence, you can expect a strong stance.

Now we look for the Senate's response (if any) to see what happens next. The U.S. Senate has already pledged to not entertain any nomination, as they are exercising their power to run out the clock and let the nomination window slip by. The Obama Administration has declared a full campaign to remove as many guns off the street as they can, and this could be a last ditch effort to make that as close to a reality as it has been.


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Is Obama's Supreme Court Nominee an Anti-Gun Politician?