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Are OATH Expanding TSR Shotgun Slugs Worth the Money?

OATH expanding TSR shotgun slugs are designed to be the “most accurate, hardest hitting shotgun shell in the world” and they carry a price tag that hits hard, too.

The shells are meant to be the perfect round for hog and big game hunting as well as self defense. These shotgun slugs definitely look cool and come in plastic, aluminum, and copper casings, but at around $10 per shell, are they worth the money?

The folks at GY6vids decided to test them and see. Watch the video to see how these pricey shotgun slugs performed.

Well, they do look cool, and the metal casings sound neat as they are ejected, but I don’t think I’ll be running out and buying any of these shells any time soon.

Whether you are using your shotgun for home defense or hunting, the most important thing it needs to do is go BANG every time you pull the trigger. These shells didn’t.

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Are OATH Expanding TSR Shotgun Slugs Worth the Money?