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O Canada! Ontario’s Muskoka Brewery Now Offers Dockside Delivery [PICS]

The Muskoka brewery in Bracebridge, Ontario will now bring fresh beer right to your dock! Hallelujah and pass the beer mug!

Impossible to believe or will someone make our wish come true and deliver beer right to our dock?

The Muskoka brewery based in Bracebridge, Ontario will now do both! If you are within their delivery zone and buy one of their draft beer packages, they will provide free draft beer AND delivery for the entire summer!

With two kits to choose from, beer aficionados can cool off this summer with a great keg setup or refill the one you already have. They’re even named after two of our favorite fishing vessels!

The biggest difference between the two kits is price:

  • The Canoe, which comes with a complete indoor/outdoor draft unit, is a hefty $1,495 (Canadian)
  • The Kayak, for those who already have their own draft unit, is a meager $495 CAD.

After that, the kits are essentially the same:

The Canoe


  • Indoor/Outdoor draft unit. (Canoe only)
  • Muskoka tap handle
  • Cervoise glassware
  • Compostable cups
  • Muskoka wooden crate
  • Muskoka umbrella
  • CO2 unit
  • Initial setup of draft unit
  • 4 line cleanings for the season
  • Weekly delivery as needed

The Kayak


Of course there are a few things you’ll need in order to make this dream come true:

  1. Be in the delivery area of the Muskoka brewery—Bracebridge, Muskoka Lakes, Gravenhurst, Lake of Bays, and Huntsville, Ontario.
  2. Own a dock. (I’ll throw a pallet in the water if I have to)
  3. Be of legal drinking age.
  4. Crave fresh, cold, tasty, smooth, relaxing, enjoyable, incredible cold beer delivered to you free for the rest of the summer.

Yes, please.

Photos via Muskoka Brewery

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O Canada! Ontario’s Muskoka Brewery Now Offers Dockside Delivery [PICS]