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NY Gunmakers Create Clever Solution To State's AR-15 Ban

Gunmakers in New York have remodeled the AR-15 to make the rifle legal under the state's strict anti-gun laws.

The Clash Daily reported that the new AR-15 prototype, which has already hit some gun store shelves in the state, features an adapted stock and grip that are in accordance with the state's strict anti-gun law.

New York's SAFE Act prohibits certain features of AR-15 style guns, including pistol grips, adjustable stocks and muzzle flash suppressors. The law essentially prohibits aesthetic features of AR-15s. So, with a little ingenuity, gunmakers decided to give the AR-15 a fixed stock and grip that looks like it belongs on a paintball gun. Apparently, some state police have said the prototypes are good to go.

"At least one gun shop has received a letter from state police saying that the new AR-15 style rifles should be legal in the state as long as they don't have some of the features that the law prohibits," wrote Clash Daily contributor Johnathan S.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo billed the SAFE Act as "the toughest assault weapons ban in the country." Although, many gun rights advocates see the law's strict ban of AR-15 style rifles as more superficial than meaningful.

"The new gun law bans all kinds of semi-automatic rifles that have been labeled with the 'assault' term even though these are very common rifles and are no more powerful than the average hunting rifle," wrote Johnathan S.

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The SAFE Act also requires universal background checks on gun purchases, prohibits dangerously mentally ill persons from purchasing firearms and increases the penalty for illegally using guns.

What do you think of New York's gun laws? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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NY Gunmakers Create Clever Solution To State's AR-15 Ban