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NY Anglers Catch and Release Baby Jaws

A group of New York anglers caught and released a baby great white shark near Queens.

Angler Steve Fernandez and his friends were surprised when they reeled in a baby great white shark last Sunday roughly a mile off Rockaway Beach, according to DNAInfo New York.

The anglers tagged the shark and quickly released it in accordance with state laws.

“I love it — I’ll do that every single day,” Fernandez said. “I’ve caught bigger sharks, but that was the coolest.”

Great whites aren’t uncommon in New York’s coastal waters, though Fernandez said people usually don’t catch them so close to shore.

“I’ve seen them off shore, never really this close,” Fernandez said. “There’s no magical fence that keeps them off the beach.They swim wherever they want to go.”

Fernandez, 29, said he and his friends also saw a 10-feet great white earlier in the day near the bow of the boat.

In the state of New York, anglers can only catch great whites on a rod and reel. Great whites must be released shortly after they’re caught.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration encourages anglers to tag great whites to help researchers study their behavior and track their whereabouts.

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NY Anglers Catch and Release Baby Jaws