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NWTF Shares Interactive Map To Find Biggest Turkeys


If you're interested in finding where the highest scoring and biggest turkeys have been taken, the NWTF has the right tool for you.

With this turkey season fast approaching and hunting trips being planned throughout the country, the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) has a nifty interactive map that will help you locate where the biggest turkeys call home.

Whoever said that scouting had to be out in the field and not from a digital map?

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Beginning in 1982, the NWTF started to record data on legally-taken birds throughout the world, and today, this impressive collection has stats on over 23,000 harvested turkeys. The interactive map can be customized to display different specs such as, weight, beard and spur length, and total score. If that wasn't already enough helpful information, the map even lists the top 20 counties in the US for the largest and most birds taken.

Hunters who are planning a grand slam trip will definitely want to check out this tool prior to setting out on the road, as it might just dictate where you decide to hunt each sub-species.

Good luck out there in the turkey woods this season!


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NWTF Shares Interactive Map To Find Biggest Turkeys