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NWTF Releases a Turkey Hunter’s Checklist You’ll Want to Use

Turkey Hunter's checklist
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This week the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) has released a turkey hunter’s checklist that could help you get ready for the season. 

In preparation for the annual spring turkey hunting seasons, the NWTF has put in a little extra work this year in helping to ensure that turkey hunters have thought of all the different types of gear they may need while out on the hunt.

Have a look at their turkey hunter’s checklist and see what all you’ve already got checked off and what you still have left to do before the spring turkey season starts in your area.

Turkey Hunter's checklist

Looks like a pretty comprehensive list to us, even if they did leave out those of us who prefer to bowhunt. And there are still a lot of decisions to be made such as what type of gun/choke/shells to use, best options for hunting clothes or boots, and we won’t even start on picking out your own types of turkey calls which could take until this time next year.

So, go ahead and print off the turkey hunter’s checklist and start going through your gear now. Who knows what all you’ll need to pick up before you head into the woods after the elusive wild turkey.

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NWTF Releases a Turkey Hunter’s Checklist You’ll Want to Use