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The Nutcracker: A Shooter's Anthem [VIDEO]

Here's why the Nutcracker might be our favorite Christmas song.

5.11 Tactical®, the leader in high quality gear for law enforcement, military, and firefighting professionals, has their work cut out for them. Their clients' lives depend on the standards of their work, so naturally it can be a pretty stressful job.

In this video created by 5.11 Tactical, they also prove they aren't just all work either. Watch as guns fire, cannons roar, and machine guns spray in slow motion, all set to the tune of The Nutcracker.

Be sure to play this on Christmas morning.

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Whats the best part? Maybe the cannon. Or maybe the guy shooting the machine gun bent over with it between his legs.

It's hard to say.

Either way, it's probably the best Christmas song ever made. Ever.

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The Nutcracker: A Shooter's Anthem [VIDEO]