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Nuisance Cemetery Woodchucks to Be Hunted in Connecticut

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Woodchucks are wreaking havoc in a cemetery in New Milford and they may have just met their match.

Now that ancestral headstones have been damaged, the owners of the private Center Cemetery have decided to try a volunteer hunt to curb their population.

Mike Sennello, superintendent of the facility, has said that the burrowing animals are digging out the foundations under the headstones.

Some that date back as far as 1719 have no foundation, causing them to topple.

New Milford Spectrum
New Milford Spectrum

In an unusual move, the cemetery has decided to allow a volunteer to hunt the woodchucks with a crossbow.

Since the cemetery is private, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has signed off saying the hunt is allowed.

The hunt will be by bow only since rifles cannot be used in an area where roads and dwellings are within 500 feet.

NBC Connecticut
NBC Connecticut

At this time the hunter has only tried once and missed.

Sennello said “If you can sneak up on them, then you get one shot off and then they spend the rest of the evening in their hole and that’s it. It was a little bit disappointing to miss ’cause that means you don’t get another shot at them until the next day.”

He went on to say that the volunteer hunter will try again each day after 4 p.m. and that if he is successful, the woodchucks will be eaten.

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Nuisance Cemetery Woodchucks to Be Hunted in Connecticut