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Nugent Bags 2 Big Bucks in 1 Hunt [VIDEO]

Ted Nugent. Say what you will about his music and politics, the Motor City Madman knows how to hunt.

When Nugent visited the YO Ranch in Texas to celebrate his birthday, he did it only as Uncle Ted could, bagging two 10-point whitetail bucks in one hunt.

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When the second 10-point buck enters range of the blind shortly after he put an arrow through the first, all Nugent can say is, "This is unnatural."

Nugent wasn't being overly dramatic. During the rut, bucks are solitary creatures. Another buck close by is a competitor for the affections of does in heat. Also, most often after a kill shot, the flurry of noise warns off other deer from the area for some time.

Of course, it helps that Nugent was hunting on the 40,000-acre YO Ranch. The ranch is a hunter's dream with all of its native trophy game.

Still, two big granddaddy bucks in one sitting, that's beyond dream, entering into fantasy. However, Nugent is very familiar with a "Scream Dream."

Again, say what you will about his music and politics, Nugent brings passion and excitement to hunting like no other.

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Nugent Bags 2 Big Bucks in 1 Hunt [VIDEO]