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The NRA and Jesse James Have Started a Unique Partnership

NRA and Jesse James have come together to form a very interesting partnership.

The NRA is no stranger to partnering with gun activists around the country. Now it seems TV star and popular icon Jesse James is their newest target.

James, who is famous for his internationally recognized brand West Coast Choppers, recently transitioned into the custom firearms business. This is an obvious venture that caught the eye of the folks at the NRA.

Their partnership will likely focus on a broad range of categories with its primary focus on clothing and apparel.

Kyle Weaver, Executive Director for the National Rifle Association, stated, “The NRA is excited about Jesse’s NRA Originals line of product and what it brings to the organization. We feel even more fortunate to have him with us in this fight for freedom.”

The NRA is expecting to utilize the business experience and design qualities of Jesse James to help carry their brand to new audiences.

James had a few comments of his own about the new partnership.

“I am a lifetime NRA member,” said James. “I am very proud to have this partnership with an organization with such deep Americana roots. My main goal with NRA Originals is to create products that embrace that American lifestyle, and celebrate the support of the Second Amendment.”

The initial offering of National Rifle Association Originals goods will be available Late Summer 2016 on


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The NRA and Jesse James Have Started a Unique Partnership