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If You Care About Gun Rights, You Might Want to See This

The NRA gun rights survey is helping fight for what they consider fundamental.

The Second Amendment is at the top of the National Rifle Association's objectives, and they're collecting figurative ammunition against any policy maker that decides they may want to challenge what the NRA and millions of Americans see as a Constitutional right.

The 2014 National Gun Owner's Action Survey consists of 12 questions (granted, the last asks if you will support gun rights by joining the NRA today...) gauging thoughts on a variety of gun rights issues.

The survey asks deep questions, getting straight to the heart of the matter when it comes to the government's role in gun ownership. Many of the latest hot button issues (gun registration systems, a UN gun ban treaty, and the use of semi-automatic firearms) are proposed to the survey taker.

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It seems like gun rights have never been so significant, in a world of changing technology, growing populations and the unfortunate occurrences of recent gun violence.

If gun rights truly are important to you, take the survey. The future of your gun ownership could depend on it.

Did you take the NRA gun rights survey? What did you think of the questions? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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If You Care About Gun Rights, You Might Want to See This