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NRA Fights to Feed with the Hunt for the Hungry Program

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The NRA continues to benefit those in need through its Hunt for the Hungry Program.

An active program of three years, Hunt for the Hungry is a program created by the NRA in an effort to assist those in need.

While the program goes by different names from state-to-state, the general concept remains the same. Hunters, processors, farmers and outdoor associations are partnered together to provide food to the hungry. These programs take unneeded venison and donate it to be used in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and other need-based facilities.

The NRA Hunter Services Department works with state agencies to assist in the preparation and distribution of the meat to the people and facilities that need it. According to, one in seven Americans do not get enough to eat. But, with their operations expanding to 47 states as well as Nova Scotia, Hunt for the Hungry strives to fight these staggering numbers.


Participation in previous years has been so great that many processors have had to turn away meat due to the volume of donations. Volunteering and working with these groups is a great way to enjoy the sport you love while also benefiting those in your community.

To get involved and learn more about how you can donate your game, time, and resources, call the NRA Hunter Services at (800) 492-4868, option 3, or visit their website and start giving back to your community this season!

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NRA Fights to Feed with the Hunt for the Hungry Program