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NRA Campaign Ad Launched Against Hillary

NRA campaign ad against HIllary

NRA campaign ad aims to prove exactly why they think Hillary’s a hypocrite.

This NRA campaign ad wants to make darn sure Americans who plan on voting for Hillary know what they’re getting.

The National Rifle Association has been campaigning and fighting for American gun owners for decades. Rightfully so, the Second Amendment protects that right.

However, Clinton has already said she wants legislation to make buying and owning a gun more difficult. If Americans decide to give her the key to the White House, it will probably be a good time to purchase stock in your favorite handgun or ammo company.

She’s also said that she wants to hold the manufacturers responsible for criminals who commit heinous acts. Why in the world would it make sense to hold a company responsible for the acts of an outside party, another person who bought or used their product? The gun certainly didn’t decide to fire itself.

The NRA campaign ad attempts to show why Clinton is not in touch with the majority of Americans. She has body guards that use guns, and she flies on privately protected jets that most Americans will never experience.

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NRA Campaign Ad Launched Against Hillary