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NRA Announces 2015 Women’s Awards Recipients [PICS]

“We are so grateful for their contributions to the Second Amendment and the lasting impact of their volunteerism will be felt for generations to come.” – Kyle Weaver, Executive Direction of NRA General Operations

The NRA has announced their Women’s Awards recipients for 2015. These women dedicate their time and energy to preserving the right for people to keep and bear arms as well as teaching others about gun ownership and safety.

Here are the recipients.

2015 Sybil Ludington Women’s Freedom Award

The Sybil Ludington Women’s Freedom Award was named after a heroine of the American Revolution and was first awarded in 1995. The 2015 recipient is Carolyn Meadows of Marietta, Georgia.


Meadows has been a part of the NRA Board of Direction since 2003. With her political experience, she works with Congress and Georgia legislative to retain the Second Amendment. She volunteers what free time she has to teaching firearm safety courses to all ages including the Jet Williams Law Enforcement Shootout and the Lockheed-Martin Gun Club.

2015 Marion P. Hammer Woman of Distinction Award

The Marion P. Hammer Woman of Distinction Award was named after the first female president of the NRA. The 2015 merit goes to Linda Gilbertson of Concho, Arizona.

Gilbertson is an NRA certified instructor and spends her free time volunteering as a teacher of pistol safety courses at the NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape. She is the founder of numerous gun clubs and co-hosts a radio show called “The Gun Locker” with her husband.

Both of these women express great love and interest in firearms. They dedicate their time and lives to all things firearms and to preserving the Second Amendment. From being on the NRA Board of Directions to teaching others about the safety of using and owning firearms, these women do it all.

That is why they are the 2015 recipients of the NRA Women’s Awards. Congratulations, ladies!

To read more about the Women’s Awards and other NRA programs for women, click here.

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NRA Announces 2015 Women’s Awards Recipients [PICS]