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NRA 2016: 11 Acres of Guns, Gear, and Donald Trump

What happens when you pack 11 acres full of  the industry's best guns, gear and Donald Trump?  The NRA 2016 Annual Meetings, that's what.

The National Rifle Association was founded in 1871, and has been making great efforts and strides into instilling the Second Amendment ever since. Every year the NRA puts on their prized possession trade show, the NRA Annual Meetings.  This year's promotional push was "11 Acres of Guns and Gear."

Thousands on thousands of people showed up from states both near and far to the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, Kentucky this May to get their fill of every gun you could imagine, and see all the top gear to hit the shelves in the upcoming year.

Oh....and to hear Donald Trump. The now reportedly GOP presidential candidate showed up to discuss some of his goals moving forward and his stance on the Second Amendment. With the election on the horizon, politics are in full swing and many people are passionate about keeping their right to bear arms, which led to an outstanding crowd. The NRA chose to get behind the presidential candidate Donald Trump and endorse him moving forward.

Next year's show will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. If you love you some guns and gear, you should check it out! There's free admission for all NRA members, and a guarantee of a cool experience.

Here are some photos that may persuade you to make the trip.

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NRA 2016: 11 Acres of Guns, Gear, and Donald Trump