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NPR Goes Hunting for the Best Tasting Egg

Which bird lays the best tasting egg?

We immediately thought this would be relevant, since three of the four species that NPR taste-tested came from game birds many of us hunt every season.

The chicken was pitted against goose, duck and quail eggs, and the results were not too surprising.

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The winner… was the chicken. I guess there’s a reason they’ve been domesticated and raised for their eggs for so much of history.

Granted, eggs from the other birds were taken from hatcheries and not the wild, but it’s interesting nonetheless to see and hear the differences when they’re stacked up against each other.

Some noteworthy observations: The quail eggs were “tangy,” “earthy,” “briny,” and “delicate and grassy.” The goose egg tasted “weird,” “bland,” and “funky,” while the duck eggs were “gooey,” “creamy,” and “really good.”

Familiarity must have won out, with the reliable chicken egg being the tastiest.

What’s your favorite egg to eat? Ever tried any of these others?


Featured image via Meg Vogel/NPR

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NPR Goes Hunting for the Best Tasting Egg