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Now’s the Time to Get a Pennsylvania Elk Hunting License

The number of Pennsylvania elk hunting license sales may reach an 80-year high.

That’s because the Pennsylvania Game Commission is considering a total of 108 elk licenses this fall, according to a story on

The Game Commission believes Pennsylvania elk are in need of herd control due to a growing number of elk and human interactions and concerns.

The number of bull elk tags issued would change from 26 to 27 from last year, and cow permits would raise from 60 to 81 under the new recommendations.

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It was interesting that the Game Commission official interviewed in the piece pointed out that bull hunters were 90% successful, but that when targeting cows they saw a success rate closer to 80%. The reason, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t rely on the number of those hunting or their efforts. Instead, cows are proving themselves to be legitimately harder to hunt.

The Game Commission will decide on the measure at their April 7-8, 2014 meetings in Harrisburg.

Do you think the Game Commission should move forward with the large increase in permits sold? Are cows indeed harder to hunt than bulls? Leave your thoughts below.

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Now’s the Time to Get a Pennsylvania Elk Hunting License