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Now You Can Wear Around an Ant Farm with the Ant Watch [VIDEO]

Have you been wanting a mini ant farm for your wrist? Well, you are in luck because Analog Watch Co. has just released plans for their Ant Watch. 

This new fashion accessory is exactly what it sounds like: a few ants are enclosed in a watch that you wear on your wrist.

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The Analog Watch Co. claims that it “is committed to exploring design through the lens of nature. Our watches are crafted with the intent that the wearer will be reminded of the elegance and the complexity of the natural world every time it’s worn. We aim to create ‘timepieces’ that let you keep nature close by, in thought or in physical form.”

We all want to be closer to nature, right?


The Ant Watch will come with three to five live ants, a dropper to feed and water your new pets, tweezers, a case-opening tool, and a care manual. The ants need to be fed liquid sugar one to two times a month. The ants will only live four to six months but you get free ants in the mail every four months. Purchasing the watch will get you a year’s supply of ants.

The watch costs $59.00 and you can preorder it in different colors now.

Sound like a hoax? It may be, since the delivery date for your portable ant farm is April 1.

Even if this is a joke, it hasn’t stopped animal activists from making their voices heard on social media. A Reddit user had this to say; “I don’t care about anyone’s view on the intellect of insects but this is just plain cruel and disgusting,” and a YouTube user voiced their distaste as well; “I’m speechless. This is horrible. The ants, like any other creature on this planet, HAVE TO BE FREE. We don’t own anybody’s life. It is a terrible idea, can’t believe it.”

Analog Watch Co. watches (the normal ones) are actually kind of cool; works of art, really. The synopsis of the Ant Watch says that they remember sitting around watching ants be productive in their ant farms as kids. Do you remember those green plastic ant farms that were so popular in the ’80s?

What better way to bring energy and vibrancy of nature than to capture it in its live form on your wrist?

I just don’t know if I would want ants crawling around my arm, even if they can’t get out. It would make me squirm all day…

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Now You Can Wear Around an Ant Farm with the Ant Watch [VIDEO]