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Now This is How You Really Flesh a Deer Hide

Ever wanted to learn how to flesh a deer hide? Here's the easy way! 

Some might call it cheating while others may call it just plain genius!

This is probably one of the most creative ways to flesh a deer hide and not mention it does a spectacular job.

Depending on how many time you've done this before it could take as little as 25 minutes to complete.

The secret?

Find a pressure washer at your local hardware store and make sure it has a spinning nozzle. The pressure washer cleans the hide almost to a pure white, or at least as white as a hide can possibly get.

It removes all the fat and does not carve any holes in the hide. The holes are probably from a bullet or arrow penetration.

This is fleshing done the easy way, and the more people who try this out, the more people will find that they are capable of fleshing a deer hide for the tanning process.

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Now This is How You Really Flesh a Deer Hide