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What’s Luckier: Taking a Coyote at 10 Feet or Filming It?

This song dog comes screaming in to the call and gives the hunters a chance for a close up coyote kill.

If you’ve ever tried to kill coyotes, you know how wary and elusive these predators can be. But, every once in a while one will come charging right in for a close up coyote kill.

Watch the video to see this over eager coyote get taken out.

When most folks think of coyote hunting weapons, the first thing that comes to mind is a deadly accurate long range rifle. However, when you’re trying for a close up coyote kill like the one in the video, a shotgun is often the better tool for the job, especially on a running dog like this one.

If you hunt with a partner, consider carrying one rifle and one shotgun like the guys in the video. Even if you’re heading out alone, it may be worth your while to carry a pair of guns to match any predator killing situation you find yourself presented with.

Whatever weapon you choose to use, predator calling is a challenging and fun way to get outdoors while other seasons are closed. Plus, you’ll be doing the deer fawns and turkey poults in your area a big favor every time you down a dog.



Close Range Wyoming Coyote Kill [VIDEO]

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What’s Luckier: Taking a Coyote at 10 Feet or Filming It?