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That’s Some Good Shooting: British SAS Sniper Killed 5 ISIS Terrorists with 3 Bullets

SAS Sniper Killed 5 ISIS Terrorists
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Yes, you read that right. A British SAS sniper killed five ISIS terrorists with three bullets on a recent mission in Iraq. 

A veteran SAS sniper near Mosul recently foiled an ISIS attack and potentially saved hundreds of civilian lives with a few placed shots from his rifle. He was part of a team from Britain’s elite special forces selected to check out a suspected ISIS bomb factory that was located too close to the homes of innocent civilians to be attacked with an air strike.

When he observed a group of men leaving the suspected bomb factory wearing heavy coats during hot weather, he grew suspicious and suspected that the heavy clothes were intended to hide suicide vests, which is a common tactic used by terrorists.

After receiving permission, he opened fire and the SAS sniper killed 5 ISIS terrorists with 3 bullets. The first bullet struck a terrorist in the chest and detonated his suicide vest. The blast killed the terrorist as well as two other ISIS terrorists nearby assigned to “guard” him until he could carry out his attack. He shot another suicide bomber in the head, killing him instantly as well. The fifth terrorist was hit in the chest, which also caused his suicide vest to detonate.

Army sources stated that the event occurred about 10km from the city of Mosul and that intelligence sources suspected that the terrorists were on their way to carry out a suicide attack on a nearby town.

However, thanks to the excellent work of a single skilled SAS sniper team, ISIS was unable to carry out their brutal terrorist attack.

This is also not the first time an SAS sniper has made the news for an incredible feat performed against ISIS. Just a few months ago, another SAS sniper made an epic 1,000 yard shot to kill an ISIS executioner before he could kill a young boy and his father in Syria.

Keep up the good work guys!

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That’s Some Good Shooting: British SAS Sniper Killed 5 ISIS Terrorists with 3 Bullets