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Now That’s How You Cut Wood with a Chainsaw [VIDEO]

Cut wood with a chainsaw

Everyone knows that you have to cut your firewood in the summer to have it ready by winter; but now you can see how to cut wood with a chainsaw the smart way.

Cutting wood has always been known as hard work, but parts of it don’t have to be. If you are the type of person that uses firewood in the winter (or even for a nice campfire during the summer) then you are really going to like this invention.

The video is in German so it will be a little difficult for most of you to understand, but you will get the gist of what is happening; and if you really want to see the good part, skip ahead to the 1:45 mark.

If you don’t cut a lot of wood, then this is just another interesting video, but if you need a lot of wood for heating or burning purposes, this invention could really save you a lot of time and energy.

Just make sure that the saw is not running when you try to show off your new toy to your hunting buddies at deer camp.

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Now That’s How You Cut Wood with a Chainsaw [VIDEO]