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Now Then, Let’s Shoot Pigeons From a Bathroom Window [VIDEO]

This guy got to shoot pigeons from a bathroom window, and we’re just a little envious.

Of all the places you could set up to hunt for birds, a bathroom window may not even make the top 100.

Until you watch this video.

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Uploaded by Ted’s HoldOver, a great YouTube channel from an experienced outdoorsmen who focuses on hunting and shooting education, the video shows Ted eradicating some pigeons from a dilapidated farmhouse.

The other thing that makes it such a cool video: the gear. Ted is using an FX Bobcat .25 airgun with a Hawke Sidewinder 30 6.5-20x scope.

For any farmers, ranchers or other landowners who want to rid their property of pesky pigeons, Ted’s videos go deep into the processes of attracting, hunting and even shooting them with strong winds.

But this video brings them it together. Check it out:

So maybe it isn’t waterfowl hunting in the South Dakota marshes, or turkey hunting in Missouri, but for some, like Ted here, it’s pretty awesome.

Ever shot pigeons or other non-traditional game birds? Fill us in on the experience in the comments below.

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Now Then, Let’s Shoot Pigeons From a Bathroom Window [VIDEO]