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Now Jerry Miculek is Wielding Dual ARs [VIDEO]

No really, that gun nut Jerry Miculek is wielding dual ARs and making it look easy.

We’ve seen Jerry Miculek do all kinds of things with firearms, but here’s a first: two SIG SAUER M400 AR-15s strapped to him with two SB15 arm brace.

Check out the video from The Leaders in Gun Control!, and consider this: those Hollywood actors have nothing on old Jerry.

Here’s some more Miculek for your viewing pleasure

What’s great about this and other videos from Jerry is that he always manages to make things that are incredibly difficult look super easy.

If you’ve ever shot a gun like this with two hands you know the power they can produce, so this is pretty impressive.

Have you ever seen someone better with a firearm than Jerry?

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Now Jerry Miculek is Wielding Dual ARs [VIDEO]