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Now That We Have Drone Ammo, What’s Next in the Biggest Story of the Last Five Years? [PICS]

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Snake River Shooting Products’ drone ammunition is now being shipped, so where does the outdoor industry stand?

New speciality ammunition has been released to combat drones, as the outdoor world took yet another turn into the future.

In recent history, the rise of drones have increased exponentially. Most of these drones have the ability to attach cameras for a different angle. However, many are concerned about potential privacy issues.

In light of that, Snake River Shooting Products has come out with a 12 gauge 3″ shot shell solution. Talk about specialized ammo…

Just a while ago, a man shot down a drone that was spying on his daughter catching rays near their pool in the backyard. Since then, there has been an ongoing investigation as to whether it was legal to shoot a firearm in that area.


In other news, a man managed to craft a way to attach a pistol to a drone and remotely fire a Glock. Some believe that drones could be used in an act of terrorism.

The president of Snake River Shooting, Casey Betzold, had this to say about his new product,

We are very excited to be manufacturing a product focused on defending our freedoms. We see this line as a game changer in the industry and as an important defense against rising threats to our way of life.

Learn all about the ammunition here.

So, what’s next? Drones seem to be here to stay, and their uses continue to crossover into the sporting lifestyle.

I don’t know about you, but I’m keeping an eye on them, and making sure they aren’t keeping an eye on me.

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Now That We Have Drone Ammo, What’s Next in the Biggest Story of the Last Five Years? [PICS]