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Now Deer Are Falling From the Sky? [VIDEO]

A deer fell from an overpass and crushed a family’s minivan windshield.

If you’ve ever driven through deer-heavy areas, you know what it’s like to constantly look left and right at the side of the road, watching for any brave individuals who feel the need to bolt across the road.

Now commuters may have to begin looking up as well, after a deer fell from an overpass and hit Heidi Connor’s minivan, as reported by CBS Chicago.

Connor told CBS Chicago that she was nearing the end of an eight-hour trip with her four children, when the full-sized doe fell onto her vehicle on I-90 near Barrington, Illinois.

“I’m driving, everything was fine. Boom, and I have a deer lying next to me in my car,” she told the station.

See more in the full report:

An Illinois State Trooper said a witness told him the deer either jumped or fell off an overpass. Connor managed to maneuver the totaled car through three lanes of traffic and off the highway.

Besides a sore shoulder and some bumps and bruises, Connor and her children are all safe.

There’s a bit more to the story, as CBS Chicago learned that the Connors only had liability insurance on the vehicle. The family will receive no insurance money for their totaled minivan.

A tough end result, but it certainly could have been worse.


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Now Deer Are Falling From the Sky? [VIDEO]