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Now This is How You Catch a Slob Zander from a River Tube

A fisherman in a river tube finds himself going toe-to-toe with a big European zander and eventually comes out on top.

Spinning gear and belly boats go hand in hand, and this case is no exception. Float tube fishing is one of the best and most relaxing sports we can think of to kick back and catch fish, but when the quarry is the size of this zander, there's no time to unwind.

Here's a great catch and release on a big zander that will make you happy and jealous at the same time.

I quite enjoyed the universal arm-elevated, "YES!" he exclaimed as the fish swam away.

The European zander is a common and particularly popular gamefish across Europe. Although sometimes referred to as 'pike-perch', the zander is not a hybrid of the two. It looks just like (and tastes like) the North American walleye, which it is closely related to.

Cheers to this hardy fisherman for sharing this great video and for the catch and release of a fish he says is 102 centimeters or about 40 inches long! He also calls the fish between 10 and 11 kilos which is over 20 pounds!

At the end of the video he writes:

"Merci a tous d'avoir regarder cette video. C'est un poisson que j'estime entre 10 et 11 kilo le Graal pour tout pecheur"  Which roughly means "Thank you to all for watching this video. It is a fish that I find between 10 and 11 kilo the (Holy) Grail for any fisherman."


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Now This is How You Catch a Slob Zander from a River Tube