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Now You Can Go Deer Hunting From A Helicopter [VIDEO]

If you have ever wondered how deer hunting from a helicopter would turn out, here is your answer.

In a video posted on the Smile Forever YouTube page, you can see an edited version of a filmed deer hunt from a helicopter.

This is not your typical hunt in any way.

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See what I mean? Not your average deer hunt for sure.

I'm not sure exactly what this video is showing but it appears to be a planned culling of a herd of deer in a hard to reach area. Whatever the reason, it seems to be very effective.

While the shooter does miss, he is impressivly accurate while shooting from the chopper, and they seem to have recovered most, if not all, of the harvested game. Hopefully that meat will be put to good use when they get back into town.

What do you think about deer hunting from a helicopter like this? Should it happen, or should we stick to deer hunting or culling the old-fashioned way? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Now You Can Go Deer Hunting From A Helicopter [VIDEO]