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Now You Can Control Your Boat With Your iPad Using the NavPlay App [VIDEO]

Who ever imagined you can control your boat with your iPad?

Boating and fishing technology is moving faster than a tarpon chasing a cut mullet, and NavPlay, a new iPad app, is kicking it into high gear.

In essence, NavPlay is a one-stop control center for all things boating, whether you’re charting a course, monitoring your boat’s performance, or keeping a detailed logbook. Check out the video from Navplay‘s YouTube channel and view more screenshots below.

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You can literally pilot your boat from anywhere on board, maintain a course or change it, and utilize vector charts all with the swipe of a finger.


One of the coolest features of NavPlay that boat owners will really love is the built-in safety diagnostic features, which can trigger alarms if anything malfunctions, and even alert them to issues with wind, depth and anchor drift.


And of course, as with most apps, there’s an element of fun and entertainment involved. Your logbook is enhanced and kept digitally, and navigation data is automatically added. There’s even a feature to record videos and pictures, which you can then share with friends and family to let them know what kind of an awesome experience you’re having.


Now, when you’re headed to that marlin fishing hot spot that you know by heart, you can merely punch in the coordinates, track your course, and sit back and enjoy the ride. Or, spend the time rigging your gear and preparing for a battle with a monster mahi-mahi.

Okay, maybe we don’t own a boat big enough to call for a system this complex, but the bottom line is, those who do have a really sweet way to get plugged in and let technology take over.

The NavPlay app is available on most iPad models, but needs iOS 7 or higher to operate. It works best when incorporated with reliable transponders and other equipment, but features a nice subscription fee leveling package that allows for avoiding paying for things that you don’t use.

Is this the future of boating and nautical navigation? Add your thoughts below.

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Now You Can Control Your Boat With Your iPad Using the NavPlay App [VIDEO]