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Nova Scotia Firefighters Couldn’t Use a Hydrant Because it was Clogged with Fish

fish in fire hydrant
CBC Canada/Aylesford and District Volunteer Fire Department

Firefighters responding to grass fire find themselves in a bizarre situation. 

Some firefighters in Nova Scotia found their efforts to fight a grass fire unexpectedly delayed…by fish.

Aylesford and District Volunteer Fire Department personnel were on scene for the first grass fire of the year on Tuesday when they went to use a dry hydrant near a pond to fight the blaze. But when they cranked up the water, they realized something was very wrong.

“We had a hard time getting any suction from the dry hydrant,” fire chief Shawn Carey told CBC News Canada.

Suspecting a bad gasket, they took the hydrant apart to see what the problem was. None of them were prepared for the odd sight that greeted them however. They found almost a dozen fish jamming up the hydrant!

“It actually clogged off our pipe so we couldn’t get any water,” Carey said.

Somehow, the fish had gotten sucked up into the hydrant from the nearby pond. They snapped a photo of the odd obstruction and then cleared out the fish, some of which were still alive and returned them to the pond. They were then able to clear the line and put out the grass fire, which fortunately did not threaten any houses.

While Carey told CBC Canada he’s heard of salamanders getting into dry hydrants before, this was a new one for him.

“It was a first for all of us and there were four or five guys standing there and some of them have been firefighters for a long time and nobody had seen anything like that,” Carey told CBC Canada.

They plan to head back out there sometime in the near future to try and figure out exactly how the fish got in and fix the problem.

“There’s a strainer on the top and on the bottom so we need to take a look and see how they got in there,” Carey said.

One thing is for sure, the firefighters of Aylesford and District Volunteer Fire Department now have a very unique and crazy fish story to tell!



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Nova Scotia Firefighters Couldn’t Use a Hydrant Because it was Clogged with Fish