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Nothing But Monster Bluegills at This North Carolina Lake [VIDEO]

This lake is apparently a giant bluegill factory, where every fish is a dinner plate.

Gene Jensen, aka Flukemaster, fishes a well-managed lake for big, and I mean BIG, bluegills. Every 'gill Jensen brings in looks to go at least a pound.

Jensen also indicates that he is fishing four-pound test and casting a Roadrunner jig.

He catches one absolute monster that he weighs at 2½ pounds.

The lake is Richmond Mill in North Carolina, and is heralded as "the best bluegill lake in the world." Richmond Mill is managed by the Kingfisher Society resort and wildlife preserve.

Jensen says in the comments of the video that the bluegill fishing is catch-and-release, which has contributed to such large bluegills being the standard in the lake.

Many anglers consider a two-pound bluegill to be the equivalent of a 15-pound bass, and bluegills to be, pound for pound, one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish around.

Would you rather catch a 15-pound bass or a 2½-pound bass?

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Nothing But Monster Bluegills at This North Carolina Lake [VIDEO]