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Not What You Thought When They Said They Had an Airboat

This leaf-blower powered airboat is the epitome of making the best of a bad situation.

Flooding is no joke, but when you can have a sense of humor about a bad situation, you’ll go a long way towards seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

These young folks have found a new way to get around with their boat and they don’t even need a paddle! This is what the “Mother of invention” looks like.

First of all, pray for flood victims everywhere. Secondly, big thanks to Facebook user Johnny Robertson for posting this video and for dealing with his newfound 15 minutes of fame for doing so!

It doesn’t say for sure, but this may be in Louisiana where this year’s flooding has been a big lament for many in the great Pelican State. Wherever this is, even though the young woman appears to be wearing a Delaware shirt, a young couple making the most of a street they can no longer walk down brings a smile to everyone.

Cheers to the smile they gave us and here’s to the many dry days to come!



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Not What You Thought When They Said They Had an Airboat